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     For almost fifty years, killer whales, or orcas, have been abused and mistreated both during capture and while in captivity. They are contained in small tanks, harassed, and used for entertainment, while their natural habitat is the ocean. To keep the whales in check, trainers use brutal methods, and sometimes, the whales fight back.

     One day, a three-year-old orca is captured and torn from his family. The young male whale is deemed unsuitable for training and use in amusement shows, so he is killed, his carcass tossed back into the sea. The mother orca and her pod, the dead whale’s family, find the carcass and vow revenge. So the ocean justice begins.

       The pod brutally attacks and kills humans alog the California coast. Later, a mature male orca escapes from a marine amusement park and joins the mother’s pod as the killing continues. Humans fight back. Marine Biologists, land-based law enforcement, the Coast Guard, and others try to stop the carnage—but what human cruelty unleashed, no man can stop.

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     Orca whales (better known as Killer Whales) have been captured and bred by marine amusement parks for use as entertainment.  This all started around 1970.​

Their training has been cruel and their confinement has been inhumane. Orcas have fought back over the years by maiming and killing their trainers while in captivity. It has not changed the way the orcas are captured or confined --- up until now.
     At the present time, parks such as SeaWorld have been forced to stop capturing and breeding orcas. By 2019 all shows using orcas will disappear.

     Justice in the World of Killer Whales is a novel about a pod of killer whales in the open ocean taking revenge for the way their species has been treated over the years.


     The young Orca has been a problem ever since they captured him. They decided to put him to sleep with an overdose of tranquilizer and let him die. Then they used him for experimental analysis. They removed the carcass to the lab area where it stayed in the cooler for several weeks while they worked with it. They examined the brain and various other organs. They dissected the jawbones to examine the echo communication receptors, etc. When they finished, the carcass was deposited out in the channel between Santa Catalina Island and San Nicolas Island. The next day the pod’s mother Orca found the carcass. She knew immediately it was her son.

So began the orca family’s quest for justice, retribution and revenge.


     There was a 56-foot early model Hatteras yacht anchored off the east side of Catalina Island just south of Avalon harbor. The ocean was calm with low very slow moving swells. The sun almost straight up in the sky. Almost lunch time. The guys sitting on the back deck having a beer while the women were staying cool floating in the water wearing their life preservers. There was a sudden scream, instantly one of the women was pulled under water. Both men jumped to their feet and started yelling, “Where did she go? What happened to her?” The other woman in the water was screaming to get her out and was panicking and swimming as fast as she could while wearing the cumbersome life preserver.  The men were scanning the surface. They took a minute to get the other women out on to the ski platform on the back of the boat. Just as the men were helping her over the side, they saw the other woman come shooting out of the water.

     She was cross ways in the mouth of a killer whale and was missing one leg. When the whale fell back into the water, he released the women. She was screaming “Please help me, please help me.” She was now floating by herself. The water turning red all-around her.

     The owner of the boat went forward to start the engines to try and help the woman and get her back on the boat. They saw large dorsal fins. Three killer whales were coming towards her. They saw her being pulled back and forth, then one of the orcas came from underneath her and grabbed her. It was traveling along the surface and had the women in its mouth. She was missing one arm completely and the other was just barely hanging on with just muscle and skin. Only the top half of her torso was in the whale’s mouth. Both legs were gone. Blood was spraying in all directions. Suddenly the orcas disappeared leaving nothing but a large pool of blood and body parts in the water.


     The plight of orcas has become a national concern. The way orcas have been treated both in captivity and on the open seas. This story is about several pods that have suffered some brutal and devastating experiences at the hands of man. There is a large ocean world amusement park opening up in southern California. In the process of capturing orcas, they kill a young male orca.

     It sets the stage for the affected orca family to seek retribution. In their attempt to seek justice and retaliate for the treatment they have received, the orcas start mutilating and killing humans in various areas along the California coast.   

     Basically a dominate mother orca, known as Mom, leads her siblings and another pod in a series of attacks that puts man on the defensive. There is a search and destroy order on the pod but their evasive behavior turns out to be a serious challenge for the pursuers.

     Legal battles ensue between those that want to capture and use orcas for entertainment and those that want the capture and captivity of orcas to stop. It gets complicated because some want the rogue pods killed and others want them spared. Whose justice will prevail?