Michael L. Kryder & Jack R. Kryder

Note: When Mike decided to become a novelist, he decided he didn't want his writing interrupted by such mundane tasks as publishing. So he asked his computerized detail-oriented brother to do the grunt work. Of course, I jumped at the chance (mainly because he offered to share the royalties with me). So   mike & jack (mj) novels was born. --- Jack

Subject: The Justice Series


by Michael L. Kryder

     I’ve written a series of three novels that have underlying themes of unique and brutal justice. All of these novels use a type of justice that is just beyond our legal system; certainly beyond the bounds of our current social conscience. It is justice in a pure form as seen by the protagonists. This unique justice is used to deal with the circumstances that are the subject of each novel.

     The first novel, Justice in the Land of the Midnight Sun, finished March 2016. It takes place mostly in Alaska. It describes current events that surround the destruction of habitat, the poaching of grizzly bears, drugs and terrorism. A group of varied and rugged individuals work successfully to stop these activities and bring the perpetrators to justice. How they do so is exciting, adventurous and the justice meted out is more apropos, direct and effective than using the normal justice system.

     The second novel, A Killer Whale's Revenge, Republished July 2017. It is about a mother killer whale getting revenge for

having her son killed by the trainers at a marine amusement park. It also deals with all the years their species has had to endure inhumane capture and cruel containment by marine amusement parks. Up to now, the only way killer whales were able to fight back was to kill or maim their trainers in marine amusement parks such as SeaWorld.



      In this novel, killer whales do a much better job of defending themselves and extracting revenge and retribution for their mistreatment. What is really unique about this novel is the killer whales manage to accomplish this in the open ocean using very direct and brutal ways. 

     The third novel is Justice on the Last Frontier, finished November 2016. In the late 1800’s, justice and law in towns like Butte Montana and Nome Alaska was almost non-existent. Early on these towns were mining towns mostly involved in mining gold. It was very rough and tumble for those who lived in these towns. Zack, the novels main protagonist, is a United States Marshall charged with keeping the peace in such places as Butte Montana and Nome Alaska. His activities and methods are exciting, adventurous and dangerous. Zack also has a family and children that play a big and important role in his life.


     Unique Justice. These novels are filled with strong interesting characters, facts about nature, thrilling action, use of weapons, descriptions of scenic beauty, romance and a few well-written erotic scenes. They take place over a wide range of locations. There is something for almost everybody. I really feel you will enjoy reading these novels with a different take on fiction—fiction with unique justice—that will appeal to you.

   ---- Mike