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Justice in the Land of the Midnight Sun


It takes place mostly in wilds of Alaska (some in the Middle East because of terrorist activities).  Most people of Alaska don’t have an affinity for social games or politics. Their lives seem ordinary, built on strong family values and loving pets. They share a familiarity and closeness with their native wilderness, and visitors do well to understand—step out of line and these “ordinary people” might just sit back and watch you die.

       It describes current events that surround the destruction of habitat, the poaching of grizzly bears, drugs and terrorism and how these illegal activities are dealt with. A group of varied and rugged individuals work successfully to stop these activities and bring the perpetrators to justice.  Alaska has its own kind of justice—one outsiders might not understand—similar to what Mother Nature sometimes hands out. Therefore the justice meted out is more apropos, direct and effective than using the normal justice system. Some of this justice will surprise you. The cast of characters includes:

  • Dave Warren is a past Army Special Forces Ranger. He now works as head of security for Alasco Oil. He is also a resourceful, determined and tough man.

  • His trusty companion is Beardog, half-wolf and half- Labrador.

  • His daughter Heather, resident zoologist at Lewis and Clark National Park, Montana

  • Red is head of the State Troopers and is the leading law enforcement officer in Alaska.

  • Mark is the senior state park Ranger at Lewis and Clark National Park, Montana.


Together they form a tight-knit group that handles bear attacks, poachers, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, domestic violence, rape and terrorism. Along the way, they find time for family, romance and even some erotic love-making.

Justice in the World of Killer Whales


       Orca whales, sometimes referred to as killer whales, are a very friendly, socially oriented and highly intelligent breed of animal. They travel in family groups known as pods. They have an extensive repertoire of communication skills and abilities to communicate with each other and their surroundings. And they experience the full range of emotions including happiness, excitement, sadness, mourning, grieving, etc.

       One day a momma orca (affectionately known as Mom) and her extended family were swimming along the California coast enjoying a nice pleasant day. All of sudden a capture ship belonging to the Ocean World marine amusement park plowed its way into the pod and cruelly caught and carried away one of Mom’s sons for use in their killer whale shows. Mom and her pod were horrified, wildly dismayed and shocked that something like this happened.

       Mom and her pod followed the capture ship back to the park (located on the California coast just north of San Diego) hoping they would release her son. No such luck. The pod stayed in the general area off the coast constantly searching in case her son showed up.

       Several months later, the park determined Mom’s son was dangerous because he attacked trainers and even killed one. So they killed him, autopsied his body, cut him up for research and then dumped his mutilated carcass back into the ocean.

      Mom and her pod came across the carcass and all knew it was the remains of Mom’s son—their missing family member. Mom and her pod became enraged. She became determined to use all her killer whale powers and abilities, and the help of her pod, to seek retribution and revenge. So began a fierce battle between man and whale. Both have significant weapons in their arsenals. How the battle rages between them and how it ends will surprise you.




In addition, there are several peripheral areas dealing with killer whales in the novel:

  • The mistreatment of killer whales by marine amusement parks.

  • The legality and moral ethics of using killer whales for amusement.

  • Using legal means to get amusement parks to stop using killer whales for amusement because the parks have to seriously mistreat them and be cruel to them to have them available for shows.

Justice on the Last Frontier


      The novel takes place in the late 1800s. It starts out in China with a Chinese Shaolin Monk named Fang. The name the other monks called Fang was Ling, which means “clever, intelligent, and spiritual.” All the monks thought he fought like a dragon. Eventually Ling immigrates to the US, where like many Chinese, he went to work for a railroad. He ends up adopting an orphan boy named Zack. While raising Zack, Ling passes on all his training as a monk.

    In the late 1800’s, justice and law in towns like Butte Montana and Nome Alaska was almost non-existent. Early on these towns were mining towns mostly involved in mining gold. It was very rough and tumble for those who lived in these towns.

     Eventually Zack becomes a United States Marshall charged with keeping the peace in such places as Butte Montana and Nome Alaska. And there is plenty of peace to keep. Because Zack was trained by a Shaolin Monk, is activities and methods are different, exciting, adventurous and dangerous.

      Throughout the novel there is romance and family activities and even a little erotic love making.  Zack also has a family, including children and a dog that play big and important roles in his life.