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       Biography: Michael L. Kryder


     Mike grew up in San Pedro California. To make money during his high school days, he worked at a bait and tackle shop. He spent most of his free time in the water either in swimming pools or the Pacific Ocean. He earned bachelor’s degrees in chemistry and mathematics from Arizona State University. He worked his way through college working in retail, decided he liked it and spent over forty years working in the retail field. His work took him to several states over the years: 

     By far, his most significant and happy years were spent growing up in San Pedro California, the years in Alaska and years in Montana. Almost from the very beginning, he's been an avid enthusiast of hunting, fishing, guns, knives, dogs, women and food (cooking and eating).

     For 14 years, Mike and his beloved constant companion Bear (a Labrador-wolf mix) were inseparable. While in Alaska, they hunted and fished to their hearts content. He has always liked animals, especially dogs. Basically he’s never been without dogs in his life.

     He retired several years ago. Since he’s always been an exciting storyteller, writing novels came naturally to him.    

     He has five children, seven grandchildren and lives in Florida.

Mike and Bear relaxing in Alaska. Is Bear large and handsome or what?